Brass Copper Castings India
Brass Pressed Components
Brass Pressed Components Brass Pressed Components

Plain washers to BS 4320: 1968 DIN 125, 433 and Brass S.S.Copper Bronze Pressings pressed parts components presswork

Also available special pressed parts Brass Pressed Components pressings and deep drawn components for Switchgears, Transformers, Elevators, Heaters and other electromechanical applications.

Brass Pressed Parts Brass Pressed components Pressing and pressed parts up to 5mm thickness can be provided on 400 tones press. Auto pressed parts and Pressings for automotive use in stainless steel Brass shims pressed nuts Brass terminals auto parts available.

Material : Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel (S.S.) (A2 / A4) and Vulcanized red fibre. Bronze
Finish : Natural, Nickel, Electro-Tin etc.
Note : Available Stainless Steel deep drawing facility for Cutlery and Utensils